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We are an extremely family oriented company that takes pride in the lawncare services we provide. The owner has 13 years of experience, and enjoys helping many homeowners turn their property into a beautiful outdoor oasis.

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Over thirteen years of experience managing a wide variety of aspects of the lawn maintence and landscaping.

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Whether stone scaping or tree planting, our team of professionals will bring your beautiful landscape to life by offering a design plan.

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We are committed to building long term customer relationships through our quality work and personable customer service.

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Mulch prevents weeds in a number of different ways. New weed seeds need dirt to grow, and a thick layer of mulch helps prevent the seeds from ever reaching the soil. As for the seeds or roots that are already in the soil, mulch blocks one of a plant's essential needs, sunlight. Weeds will try to fight their way through, but if your layer of mulch is thick enough, it will suppress all but the most resilient.

The winter season can be rough on New York lawns, leaving many homeowners wondering why there are brown patches on what was once a lush emerald green masterpiece. The good news is there is a way to revive a lawn that looks less than stellar as the spring season arrives. Overseeding is a secret used by many professional landscapers and spring is one of the most popular times for it. Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed on an existing lawn. In New York, the perfect time to overseed is spring or fall, because you have cool-season grass. Some experts suggest waiting until fall to overseed because the temperatures are more optimal for grass growth. If you didn't overseed last fall and your lawn seems thin, spring may still be a good time for overseeding.

The most common recommendation you will get from experts is to cut your mower blades as high as 3 to 3.5 inches and a maximum of 4 inches. This might be a surprise to you as most homeowners will cut their grass blades very short. They probably might be trying to emulate how golf courses look like. However, note that longer grass shades out weeds as it prevents the sun from reaching the ground. If you are wondering how high you should cut your grass, you need not worry as you are in the right place. This question is perhaps the most asked question about lawn care.

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Zaldivar's Lawn Care is a landscaping company who provides all you need for your lawn, garden, and landscape design.

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